Works Commissioned by Third Practice

  • 2008   Ken Ueno One by one, I collect the fragments of my song from harmonies which abound in the air unheard
  • 2008   Toivo Tulev Above*
  • 2007   Frances White the ocean inside*
  • 2006   Michael Barnhart Blue Mess*
  • 2006   Ashley Fure Susurrus*
  • 2005   Benjamin Broening like dreams, statistics are a form of wish fulfillment*
  • 2005   Stephen Vitiello Rush and Lullaby*
  • 2005   Paul Rudy for whom...*
  • 2005   Evan Chambers longing for peace in the garden of lost children*
  • 2005   Paul Lansky Ancient Echoes*
  • 2003   Peter Gilbert Blow, Bugle, Blow
  • 2002   Natasha Barrett Prince Prospero's Party

* commissioned by Third Practice for Eighth Blackbird


Purchase [re] from

In 2005, Third Practice commissioned 13 artists to create new works for release on [re], a surround-sound DVD-Audio disc:

These artists were asked to consider the relationship between contemporary electroacoustic music and the musical past. To what degree does new technology suggests new modes of musical expression? To what extent do new techniques of music production and dissemination represent a break with received notions of musical composition and consumption? Or is it perhaps more accurate to think of electroacoustic music as a continuation of a shared musical heritage?

That there is no simple answer to these questions reflects the richness and diversity of technical and aesthetic approaches to electroacoustic music. These brief pieces reflect, reinterpret, comment, recompose or reconsider past musical compositional techniques, practices, specific works, genres, styles, forms, practices, concerns in light of electroacoustic music. The works were premiered at the 2006 Festival and are available on the Everglade label.

Commissions and Premieres CD

In 2001, Third Practice released Third Practice: Commissions and Premieres on CD, available from Centaur Records. Composers featured on the CD are Benjamin Broening, Matthew McCabe, Russell Pinkston, Natasha Barrett, Peter Gilbert, and Mindy Christensen.

Commissions and Premieres can be purchased from amazon or directly from Centaur Records.