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third practice is an annual festival of new electroacoustic music and mixed media presented by the department of music and the modlin center for the arts at the university of richmond. now in its seventh year, the festival will present works for instruments and computer, laptop, video, and stereo and multi-channel works for tape.

third practice 2007 continues along the path laid out by the 2006 festival: to continue exploring the emerging electroacoustic art form and its relationship to past and present musical practices. last year we examined the reinterpretation of western art music in the electroacoustic medium. in 2007 we branch out to include world music in all its forms.

in 2006, third practice's ongoing commitment to the commissioning of new works brought the release of [re], a dvd of multi-channel works by a diverse group of composers. In 2001, third practice released third practice: commissions and premieres on cd, available from centaur records. 2007 continues this commitment with a new work by frances white entitled the ocean inside, commissioned for 3p's ensemble-in-residence, eighth blackbird.

all third practice concerts take place in camp concert hall, the university of richmond's exclusive venue for musical presentations. our technical specifications include a breakdown of all the equipment available to our visitin g composers, as well as concert hall specifications. tor further information on the festival, contact Benjamin Broening.

why 'third practice'?

the term seconda pratica appeared in early 17th century italy to characterize the emergence of a new compositional style that represented a departure from the modal, equal-voiced counterpoint of the prima pratica. the debate between practitioners of the old and new styles centered not only on innovative compositional techniques, but also on shifting compositional values. the seconda offered composers not only new technical resources but also new ways of thinking about their craft.

the development of electro-acoustic music in the latter half of the 20th century might be understood as a change comparable in many ways to that of the early 17th century. while the specifics of the musical change differ in the two cases, both musical revolutions reflect innovations in compositional technique and practice as well new compositional goals and values.

the third practice festival of electro-acoustic music explores both the variety of the emerging electro-acoustic tradition and its relationship to past musical practices, and is committed to presenting new work through commissions and premieres.

the third practice mailing list

Third Practice will soon be activating an email list to keep interested individuals apprised of third practice activities and topics. To be added to the list when it becomes active, send an email to and request to be added.

Third Practice Electroacoustic Music Festival 2007

logo Third Practice Electroacoustic Music Festival 2007

at the university of richmond

october 19 @ 7:30pm
october 20 @ 11am, 4pm, 7:30pm

all concerts are free and open to the public


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next year's festival

3p08 will be held november 7-8, 2008. mark your calendars and stay tuned for the 3p08 call for works!